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UFOs Recorded Over Suspected Military Base. August 8th, 2014

August 8th, 2014. Bournemouth, UK. Source - tercermilenio

This amazing footage was recorded in Bounemouth England and the witness suspect there to be a secret military base 3 miles north east of Hurn airport Bounemouth's main airport. - Youtube description

Apparent TR-3B Recorded Over Adelaide, Australia. August 7th, 2014

August 3rd, 2014. Adelaide, Australia. Source - tercermilenio

TR-3b UFO filmed over Adelaide - August 2014. - Youtube description

Possible Cloaked UFO Recorded Over The UK. August 6th, 2014

August 6th, 2014. UK. Source - tercermilenio

8/6/2014 - A massive square shaped, sharp-edged "cloud" stunned and shocked residents of an England town when they looked toward the skies.. We take a look at the supposed "contrail" UFO and disprove the convenient cover story fed to the masses by the British government. Stay tuned for new videos daily! - Youtube description

25 Of The Most Controversial UFO Photographs. August 5th, 2014

UD August 4th, 2014. Worldwide. Source - tercermilenio

Since olden times, many people have claimed to witness extraterrestrial beings or aliens. These life forms are called extraterrestrial because they are believed to originate from other worlds. While many people refuse to accept the idea of their existence, many scientists consider extraterrestrial life to be plausible, especially considering their supposed history within human life. These scientists maintain that billions of years ago, it was the genetic complexity of organisms that brought humans into being, and this same genetic complexity could have also brought aliens to life. Some say that these creatures resemble the form of humans but they generally look spine-chilling. Though there is still no direct evidence of their existence, several photographs have been released by eyewitnesses to prove that they actually exist. Here are 25 controversial UFO photographs ever released. - Youtube description

Best UFO Footage Of June And July 2014. August 4th, 2014

UD August 1st, 2014. Worldwide. Source - tercermilenio

Best UFO sightings recorded around the world in the months of June and July. Not created by me, I have been too busy lately to compile the footage myself, but I will be back on it soon.

Cigar UFO Recorded On Mars By Curiosity Rover. August 1st, 2014

UD July 29th, 2014. Mars. Source - tercermilenio

Mars Curiosity A camera caught a cylinder shaped UFO The April 28, 2014, an object that is very similar to that caught the Russian probe Phobos 2 in 1989, an image that showed me the cosmonaut Popovich From an enormous marina cylinder that could be related to the cylindrical objects that have been recorded in the Popocatepetl volcano. Youtube description

Bright UFOs Recorded Over Toronto At Night. July 31st, 2014

UD July 29th, 2014. Toronto, Canada. Source - TheLipTV

The April 27, 2014 the skywatcher Melvin Harris in New York City received a record which clearly shows a disk-shaped object. - Youtube description

Flying Saucer Recorded Over New York. July 30th, 2014

UD July 29th, 2014. New York, USA. Source - tercermilenio

The April 27, 2014 the skywatcher Melvin Harris in New York City received a record which clearly shows a disk-shaped object. - Youtube description

Black Sphere UFO Passes Between The Moon And Sun. July 29th, 2014

UD July 14th, 2014. Space. Source - Crrow777

Here is a fantastic capture of a UFO with a magnetic halo transiting the moon on the night of the super moon. I have filmed many of these objects but this is the largest to date. - Youtube description

UFO Ascending From The Surface Of Mars? July 28th, 2014

UD July 17th, 2014. Mars. Source - WhatsUpInTheSky37

The description says it all here guys. Please hit like and comment! What do you think? It is on the LEFT cam but not the RIGHT so this could be a malfunction but not sure how that kind of malfunction would happen. - Youtube description

UFO Recorded Over Bodrum Turkey. July 25th, 2014

UD July 16th, 2014. Bodrum, Turkey. Source - ADGUKNEWS

UFO recorded from a range over Bodrum, Turkey.

UFO Sighting Over Crop Circle. July 24th, 2014

UD July 23rd, 2014. Wiltshire, UK. Source - ADGUKNEWS

A woman says she has been left 'freaked right out' after she saw a strange light in the sky, then heard that not only had a friend seen it too, and photographed it, but that a mysterious crop circle had been discovered the following morning. - Youtube description

Interviews With Alien Sighting Witnesses. July 23rd, 2014

UD July 22nd, 2014. Worldwide. Source - The Guardian

Hundreds of UFO enthusiasts gathered at the annual Mutual UFO Network convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. - Youtube description

Videos Of The UFO Experience. July 22nd, 2014

UD July 16th, 2014. Worldwide. Source - HawkkeyDavisChannel

Some of the best UFO activity over the last few weeks are on this video. Links to all sightings can be found in this description box. I have sent messages to all parties for the usage of their footage. However, due to the new YouTube messaging system you may not have gotten it in your inbox. I also left a comment somewhere on your channel that you can reply back to as well. - Youtube description

Shining Metallic UFO Recorded Over California. July 21st, 2014

UD July 16th, 2014. Los Angeles, California, USA. Source - UFOVNI

What looks to be a metallic coated UFO spinning around in the skies of California.

UFO Recorded On TV Flying Over Canada. July 18th, 2014

July 17th, 2014. West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Source - TheUFOReporter1

Were there UFOs / aliens in the daytime sky above West Kelowna during the fire? - Youtube description

UFO Formation Recorded At Night Time On Night Vision. July 17th, 2014

UD July 18th, 2014. Area Unknown. Source - WTFflow

07/17/14 - I finally managed to get some footage with my brand new P8079HP Night Vision tube. I waited for a long time to get a clear sky, and the results are pretty amazing, despite the huge amount of streetlight where I live. - Youtube description

Super Effective UFO Infrared Camera Technology. July 16th, 2014

July 14th, 2014. Source - The UFO Conundrum

The July 17, 2004 the Skywatcher Pedro Avila who lives north of the city of Mexico created a system to record with two cameras simultaneously in one of them I place an infrared and discovered Remove an object was visible only to the camera in infrared. - Youtube description

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