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News Interview With The Man That Captured The Triangle UFO Over Kansas. April 23rd, 2014

UD April 17th 2014. Kansas, USA. 2014. Source - AlienPeace1 - There is GOOD out there

A man in Wichita, Kansas photographed a highly unusual, triangle-shaped craft flying across the sky in broad daylight. - Youtube description

UFO Recorded Over Las Vegas. April 23rd, 2014

April 16th, 2014. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Source - Steven Barone

I took this video at about 8:20 PM to 8:24 PM on April 16th, 2014 from my backyard. I was looking to the northeast or towards North Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force Base. At about 8:20 PM on April 16th, 2014 I went out onto my patio to have a cigarette. At about 8:22 PM I saw what I thought was a low flying airplane over Las Vegas until it reversed directions instantly. I got up and went to a spot in my yard where I could see it better. It was moving all over the northwestern sky, blinking a greenish blue and red. The colors were very bright. I immediately reached into my pocket and grabbed my Galaxy S4 so that I could try and shoot a video of what I was seeing. It's only the second time I have filmed a video on this phone so it was a bit shaky and I was pretty jacked up because you could clearly see this was a UFO and not a conventional aircraft. This all appeared to occur over and near Nellis Air Force Base however another witness said it was in the Centennial Hills area of Las Vegas so it was probably between 13 and 21 miles away when I videotaped it. My home is on the extreme west side of Las Vegas near the Red Rocks and the Pine Mountains. The video is shaky but other parts clearly show this object moving at incredibly fast speeds and in a manner no other air worth craft could do. Nellis Air Force Base is 21 miles from my home so if it was over the base it must have been pretty large in size and it must have been moving very fast at times. It also seemed to go very low at times, seeming to almost land right in the populated area of North Las Vegas. - Youtube description

Large UFO Shown Beneath ISS On National TV. April 22nd, 2014

UD April 13th, 2014. Space. Source - UFODI

Remember the STS-75 incident where its satellite tether snapped in 1992 where a 12 mile wide satellite cable snapped and these UFOs appeared out of no-where? This looks Identical to these shaped craft. This video was posted "LIVE" and quickly avoided my media TV as they switched over quickly. What do you think? - Youtube description

Scientist Discover Earth Sized Planet That Could Support Life. April 21st, 2014

April 17th 2014. Space. Source - UFO Robert Bingham

On April 17, 2014, scientists working with data from the Kepler Space Telescope announced the discovery of the first Earth-size planet in the habitable zone of it's star. The planet, Kepler-186f, is a rocky world only 10% larger than Earth. Never before has a planet so close to Earth in size, and therefore gravity, been found in the habitable zone where liquid water can exist. "This is the best case for a habitable planet yet found. The results are absolutely rock solid," said University of California, Berkeley astronomer Geoff Marcy via email. The discovery suggests that many more such earth-like planets will be discovered in the near future. - Youtube description

UFO Cube Recorded Over LA. April 20th, 2014

UD April 17th 2014. Los Angeles, California, USA. Source - UFO Robert Bingham

Here are some still shots of a cube shape ufo I shot while at work on April 16, 2014 in Los Angeles CA. The UFO hovered slowly above the roof and appeared to change shape while I photographed it. The object was large and seen by various witnesses at my work. I only had my smaller Canon camera but still managed to get some good shots. - Youtube description

Possible UFO Activity Recorded Over Melbourne. April 19th, 2014

UD April 13th, 2014. Melbourne, Australia. 2014. Source - U.F.O.Lou

Sorry folks, recording now with 3 cameras - just not getting 'IT' - I 'think most of these are just sat's? Just waiting for something real strange! All recorded on a P8079HP night vision tube (Around $150 USA) - Youtube description

Triangle UFO Recorded Over Kansas. April 18th, 2014

UD April 17th 2014. Kansas, USA. 2014. Source - Jason Hunter

This is pretty clear evidence of a UFO flying over Kansas which was also spotted over Texas. This triangle shaped ufo was spotted by many witnesses. - Youtube description

Area 52, The New Area 51. April 17th, 2014

UD December 10th, 2014. Source - DiscoveryDisclosure

The show investigates the Dugway Proving Ground, a remote military testing facility near Dugway, Utah, and examine the reports of UFO activity that has surrounded the site for the past 10 years -- leading some UFO watchers to dub it "Area 52" and "The New Area 51." - Youtube description

Six Police Officers Witness UFO. April 16th, 2014

January 24th, 2014. West Yorkshire, UK. Source - John Doe

Officer Alan Godfry is a retired police officer who served in the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police in England from 1975 to 1984. On November 28th 1980, he and five other officers witnessed a UFO. He saw a diamond shaped object about 75 feet away hovering just five feet above the ground and he estimates it to be about 20 feet wide and about 14 feet tall. The bottom half appeared to be rotating and the top was stationary and it did not make any noise. Months after reporting this incident, he started being harassed. He was transferred 50 miles away and was eventually barred from entering his own police station. Contraband drugs were placed in his locker. - Youtube description

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