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Dark Skies, 2013 Alien Abduction Movie. November 27th, 2012

Not something this website would normally cover, but since this movie is focusing on the topic of one of my favourite subjects, I thought I would post it here for all of you to take a look at.

One thing that gets on my nerves about movies covering alien abduction is that they never manage to stick to the true events/stories behind the phenomenon, and the dark skies movie being released in 2013, looks to be no exception.

IMO sticking to the original accounts behind alien abduction would make for a much better movie. Real life is 10 times more mystifying/amazing than the most talented Hollywood script writer could ever dream of, so why would you alter an already perfect recipe? Like in this trailer for example, The birds flying into the window, the ‘sandman’ building a fortress out of the kitchens utilities, the woman smashing her head into the glass door, just make the movie seem less believable, I know I shouldn’t be judging it before iv watched it, but I can already imagine what this movies going to be like. But enough of my opinion, what is yours? I’m sure I will enjoy the movie no matter what; I’m just hoping it shows the realistic side to alien abduction. Check out the trailer below.

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