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Sirius Releases Sex, Age And More Info On Alien. April 18th, 2013

As the days count down to the premiere of the UFO documentary, Sirius, the filmmakers have announced they will release their findings on the Atacama humanoid, bit by bit. Today they have released the creature’s name, sex, age, and more pictures.

The Sirius team is calling the creature “Ata,” and claim that their analysis has revealed that the mysterious humanoid is male and survived 6 to 8 years, post-birth. Their findings are the result of bone density and epiphyseal plate studies. They had previously disclosed that their DNA sequencing studies have determined the creature to be a “humanoid of unknown origin.”

The creature has had several owners since its discovery in Chile in 2003, including a bar owner and a wealthy entrepreneur from Barcelona, Spain. Neither has voiced concerns over their safety for having been in contact with the curious carcass. Either way, the slow release of information, and the curiosity over who may want to assassinate Dr. Greer and why, will surely pique the interest of potential moviegoers and help the Sirius team’s promotional efforts. -

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